About Us

Protect Our Pocketbooks, Inc. is dedicated to fostering clean energy sources that best serve the needs of local consumers.

Protect Our Pocketbooks opposes the proposed Wind Catcher Energy Connection Project – a 1400-megawatt wind farm under construction in Oklahoma – that transports electricity into Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Wind Catcher is risky business.  No guarantees of benefits – we just get stuck with the bill. 

Government officials in Oklahoma and Texas who have looked at Wind Catcher agree it's Risky Business:

  • Risk that the net cost to ratepayers could increase without providing any net benefit
  • Risks of project cost overruns
  • Risk of reduced energy output
  • Risk of outages on the generation tie line

In fact, in a recommendation of denial from Public Utility Commission of Texas legal staff, the word "risk" appears 23 times.

Wind Catcher is TOO RISKY for our pocketbooks.  See what others are saying.

Wind Catcher creates jobs and infrastructure in Oklahoma but provides none of these benefits to Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas. 4,000 jobs to build the project and 80 permanent jobs will go to Oklahoma – along with millions of dollars in tax benefits. Even so, consumers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas are responsible for billions in costs to build Wind Catcher.

We don’t need to import electricity. Locally generated electricity keeps prices low AND keeps jobs and tax revenue in our communities.

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