New Texas Legal Filing Says Wind Catcher Costs will Exceed Benefits by Over $1 Billion

In a new legal filing, the staff of the Texas Public Utility Commission outlined even more objections to SWEPCO'S Wind Catcher - stating the costs will outweigh the benefits by over $1 billion!

The Public Utility Commission of Texas staff, Texas Industrial Energy Consumers, Cities Advocating for Reasonable Deregulation, and the Office of Public Utility Counsel filed a response to SWEPCO's letter, stating it should not be admitted or given any weight in evaluating SWEPCO’s application for the following reasons:

  • Neither the Louisiana nor Oklahoma agreement has been approved by the relevant regulatory commission, and “there is certainly no assurance that they will be.”
  • The evidentiary hearing in the Texas case “closed months ago, and parties have not had any opportunity to explore the terms of the referenced documents through discovery or cross-examination.”
  • The parties remain opposed to SWEPCO's application, and the terms of the Louisiana and Oklahoma agreements “do little or nothing to address the fact that even if wind facilities were built on budget and performed at SWEPCO's full projected capacity factor, the costs would still exceed the benefits by over $1 billion.”

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