Wind Catcher is Risky Business

What Others are Saying

Risk of Cost Overruns

“However, there are significant risks of project cost overruns, the potential of phasing out or elimination of production tax credits… (PTC).”

“Staff recommends denial of the proposed Wind Catcher CCN, as there is not a sufficient degree of likelihood that any cost savings would offset the costs of the project.”

“Moreover, SWEPCO has a history of going over budget on generation projects.”

“The unknown cost of construction of the transmission line (Gen-Tie line) associated with the Wind Catcher facility creates significant risks for Texas ratepayers.”

– Public Utility Commission of Texas Legal Division

“Project Savings” a Risky Assumption

“Conversely, project savings are driven by market conditions and are not guaranteed.”

“Thus…customers will be responsible for all of the fixed project costs and bear the entire risk of whether potential energy savings, which are subject to market forces, will materialize.”

– OPUC witness, Energy Economist Karl Nalepa

“The largest contingency risks involved in SWEPCO's Wind Catcher Project are either changes in law, such as a reduction or elimination of the production tax credits, or events outside of SWEPCO's control, such as a future market price of energy lower than the price projected by SWEPCO or the costs of construction being higher than projected. SWEPCO's proposed "guarantees" do not protect ratepayers from the risks of occurrence of these specific contingencies.”

– Public Utility Commission of Texas Legal Division

Risk to Power Generation

“However, there are significant risks…of reduced energy output, the risk of outages on the generation tie-line…”

– Public Utility Commission of Texas Legal Division

Wind Catcher is Unnecessary

“PSO failed to prove that this Project meets an economic need sufficient for preapproval of this project.”

– OK Administrative Law Judge

Flawed Planning Process

“PSO’s economic analysis used unreasonable data and utilized a flawed planning process.”

“PSO’s failure to utilize competitive bidding for two extremely large purchases is of the utmost importance in any consideration of preapproval…”

“A project at this price point must be done right.”

– OK Administrative Law Judge 

Louisiana Electric Customers Can’t Afford to take this Risk! Tell Louisiana decision makers to reject this project now before it is too late!